Non-contractual photo / LOT 25 Discovery

City apartments

– The Discovery Residence –

Delivered in 2018, this luxury building is secure, has the originality to offer both apartments and commercial premises.

Intended for a clientele wishing to own a property as a main residence at a very attractive price.


LOT 25 Discovery

Peripheral villas

– Le Domaine du Pré-Vert –

A superb residence in the suburbs of Antananarivo located on a site of 6 hectares fully fenced with 95 lots serviced and secure.
A real estate program with an innovative concept.


LOT 86 / Villa ARAMIS

– Entre Ciel et Terre –

A prestigious residence erected on the hill of Ambohimailala in Ambatobe, plots of viable land are still available for the construction of your future residence.


Housing estate entrance

Beachfront properties

– La Fleur de l’océan –

Become a homeowner on a restful shoreline. All lots are titled and bounded with surfaces from 500 to 1546 m2.

Situated between the river Ampasimbe and the Indian Ocean, a booming seaside area close to an international golf course.


Some of our achievements